Confession of Faith|Hestina’s Jewels


 Praise The Lord Beautiful Ones,!

Today I want to encourage you to start speaking faith and making these personal confessions over your life.

Jesus said, “According to our faith, let it be to you. Matt. 9:29 (NKJ)

As you confess God’s promises, they  will always come to pass in your life. 

Personal Confession

I have insight, wisdom, and authority. God is on my side and I set the course of my life today with my words. I will think the right thoughts, say the right words, and make the right decisions in every situation I face. I declare today that I cannot be defeated, discouraged, depressed or disappointed. I  choose to walk by faith. I choose to be spiritually, naturally, emotionally, relationally, and financially strong in Jesus’ name.

Be excited about God’s word, everyday!

Blessings & Love From My Heart To Yours! 

Hestina’s Jewels 



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