Hestina’s Jewels Word Of Encouragement!!


Glory To God All You Faithful People

Hestina’s Jewels Today’s Word

{Faithful Servant}

Faithful definitions: constant, loyal imply qualities of stability, dependability, and devotion

One of the most important lessons you and I can learn is to be faithful with something until God lets us know we are finished with it. A faithful person is committed to doing whatever God tells them to do -no matter what!
1 Corinthians 4:1-2 (Amplified Bible) “SO THEN, let us [apostles] be looked upon as ministering servants of Christ and stewards (trustees) of the mysteries (the secret purposes) of God. 2 Moreover, it is [essentially] required of stewards that a man should be found faithful [proving himself worthy of trust].

 A faithful person knows what God has put in their heart, and even though they may feel like quitting, they don’t give up!

Blessing & Love From My Heart To Yours !

Enjoy your Day!