Hestina’s Jewels Word of Encouragement!!

Praise the Lord All You Great People😇

Hestina’s Jewels Today’s Word

Person of Integrity

Definition: Integrity : the quality of being honest and fair,the state of being complete or whole

God is looking for person of Integrity who chooses to walk before Him in honesty and sincerity with all uprightness; being complete in Him.

As a child of God, you can have a victorious life.

A person of Integrity is a person who thinks righteous.

They is valuable to God, to themself, and to the people around them . They is always there whenever you need them.  This is not true of the sin-minded; defeat-minded person.

Person of Integrity are lead by the Spirit of God.  They always allows the Mind of Jesus Christ to be there mind.  The Almighty God is there very own Father!  They is bone of His Bone, Spirit of His Spirit, a Joint-heir with Jesus Christ and living in the Kingdom of God.  

They must realize these truths in their life. 

They  has become God-inside Minded.  

They has realized that God is residing on the inside of them.

Righteousness becomes a force in the person life, which under girds there faith.

The reality of righteousness enables them to do the impossible. They  will minister the Word boldly, in the Name of Jesus.

They exercises there right to expect there Heavenly Father to answer their prayers, in the name of Jesus

Because they is conscious of there righteousness and right standing with God, they expects Gods Word to be true; therefore they plans for success in every endeavor.   Thank you Lord for being that person of Integrity; who has become honest, sincere, upright and know they are complete in Him.

Praise the Lord!

Blessing & Love From My Heart To Yours💚

Enjoy your day😊

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