Hestina’s Jewels Word Of Encouragement!!


Praise the Lord All You Prayer Warriors

Today I want to encourage you to Stop and take time out to pray this over yourself and your wonderful family.


Heavenly Father, you have called us in Jesus name to be your people. And therefore, we praise you for your mercy and favor. We humble ourselves under your mighty hand. Help us to truly pardon all those who have wronged us. Rid us of any bitterness and unforgiving spirit.

Lord we pray for increase in our faith. Fill us with knowledge and wisdom so that we are governed fully by your word, and reflect your will in our lives Lord. We pray for continued unity in our family. Help us to find joy and full benefits in being together as believers. We pray for strength to always act in love, kindness, generosity, humility, patience and forgiveness towards one another. Help us to use our individual gifts and talents for the glory of your name.

We Thank You Lord For Answering Our Payer’s.

                  We Believe We Receive It Now In Jesus Name!!

Blessing& Love From My Heart To Yours! 💕

Enjoy Your Day & Weekend !😇