Hestina’s Jewels Word of Encouragement!

​Praise the Lord All You Great People🌠

I’m so excited about being able to declare God’s blessing over you and your lovely family lives & week.

I declare Jesus is Lord over your spirit,soul,and body.

I declare you are redeemed from the curse,because Jesus bore your sickness and carried your diseases in His own body. By His stripes you and your family are healed. 

I declare you have the mind of Christ and hold thoughts,feeling,and purposes of His heart.

I declare you hear the voice of God and it gives you power to changes the way you think.

 I declare you speak God’s word daily.

I declare that you have the love of God flowing out of you.

I declare that your life will impacts the world around you.

I declare you have authority.

I declare each one of your family members is wonderfully blessed.

I declare that your week will be successful & peaceful.

Blessing & Love from My Heart to Yours!💖

Enjoy Your Awesome Week of God’s Favor!😇