Hestina’s Jewels Word Of Encouragement


Praise The Lord All You Awesome People!

Today’s Personal Confession 

I encourage you to start speaking faith and making these personal confessions over your life and be excited about God’s word, it will change your heart.

Jesus said, “According to our faith, so be it.

As I speak God’s promises, they come to pass. They stop all attacks, assaults, oppression, and fear from my life.
I have insight, wisdom, ideas and authority.

I choose health; I will not be in lack today

God is on my side and I set the course of my life today with my words

I have the wisdom of God today. I will think the right thoughts, say the right words, and make the right decisions in every situation I face. I choose life today.

I declare today that I cannot be defeated, discouraged, depressed or disappointed.

I choose to be spiritually, emotionally, relationally, and financially strong in Jesus’ name.


Glory To God For His Faithfulness!!


 Blessings & Love From My Heart To Yours! 

Have A Blessed Day & Weekend !!